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​​When did the MAAIM open?

Representatives from 11 tribes met and signed paperwork making the MAAIM a reality in 1969, and it opened its doors at the current location in 1976.

Does the MAAIM still sell Indian tacos?

The MAAIM no longer serves Indian tacos; however, they are available on the first Saturdays of MOST months at the Wichita Indian United Methodist Church.

Are powwows held at MAAIM?

Throughout the course of the year, certain groups or organizations will organize powwows, and MAAIM is the host venue. The dates and times are subject to change yearly, so contact us for more information.​

How can I donate something to the museum?

Learn about how to donate to the museum.

How can I find out what my artifact is w​orth?

Learn about appraisals of artifacts and other items​.

Can I get to the Keeper of the Plains from your building?

You can access Keeper Plaza on most days when the MAAIM is open. With the exception of inclement weather, our gate that leads to the Plaza will be open from 10am until around 3:45pm.

How do I find out which Indian tribe I belong to?

The MAAIM does not have any services that help with genealogy. Questions regarding genealogy or finding out what tribe you belong to can be answered via our Genealogy page​.

How do I receive my Indian card?

You must contact your specific tribe as each of the over 570 tribes is a sovereign nation and has its own procedures and protocols for enrollment. The internet is the best way to do this.

Are there membership opportun​ities available?

There certainly are. Membership at the MAAIM includes many perks such as discounted admission on special event days, members-only receptions for exhibit openings and more. Learn how to become a member​.

What kind of items do you sell in the gift shop?

Our gift shop features a variety of handmade, local American Indian items. Just a few examples include:

  • American Indian foods/cookbooks
  • Books
  • Crafts
  • Botanicals

How many exhibits are in the museum?

The exhibits within our museum change throughout the year, but typically anywhere from 4 to 6 different exhibits will be on display. We have the largest public collection of Blackbear Bosin's work on permanent display.​

Did all Indian tribes live in tipis?

Not all Indian tribes lived in tipis, which was used by Plains Indian tribes who inhabited the central part of the country. There are many different dwellings used by tribes including, but not limited to, earthlodges, longhouse and wigwams.​

How many tribes are there in the United States?​

Currently there are over 570 federally recognized sovereign tribes/nations in the United States.​